Southern Forests: A Journal of Forest Science

Southern Forests :a Journal of Forest Science (SF-JFS), being the scientific publication of the SAIF and published in collaboration with NISC, is one of the leading forestry journals in the southern hemisphere.
This journal publishes scientific papers in forest science and management of planted or natural forests in the southern hemisphere and the tropics.

Papers are also welcome of related disciplines, such as wood-processing, forest engineering, environmental aspects of forestry, social forestry, agro-forestry, socio-economic science, plant science, non-wood forest products and other goods and services derived from forests in the broadest sense.

Contributions are encouraged from authors in South America, Africa, tropical/sub-tropical Australasia and Asia.

The SAIF published 208 Southern African Forestry Journal (SAFJ) up to November 2006. As from 1 January 2007, the journal was replaced with the Southern Forests: A Journal of Forest Science, commencing with issue 69(1) in July 2007.

Subscriptions for SAIF members

SAIF members (full and student members only) receive the Journal free of charge. Other members and non-members can contact the SAIF Secretariat for subscription information.

Corine Viljoen
Cell: 082 523 8733

Subscriptions for non-SAIF members

Interested parties must direct subscription enquiries to:

NISC (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 377
Fax: 046 622 9550

Invitation to interested contributors

An invitation is extended to any interested party to submit contributions to the Southern Forests : a Journal of Forest Science, for consideration by the Editorial Advisory Board. Contributions must be in MS Word, with the one exception that tables may be in MS Excel.

Contributions on any forest, plantation, wood, conservation or allied science will be considered.

No page charges are payable for publication in the SF-JFS.

Full details of format appear inside the back cover of any latest edition of the Journal. This can also be viewed by clicking on the Instructions to Authors see link below.

Initial submission of an electronic copy of the draft manuscript will get matters rolling. Editor may request submission of two hard-copies
The Editor-in-Chief: SF-JFS
c/o SAIF
Postnet Suite 329
Private Bag X4
Menlo Park
RSA Email:

On receipt, draft manuscripts will be subjected to initial review to establish ‘significance’ and ‘basic format’, carried out by three Associate Editors (AE). Should you be in any doubt about the format of your manuscript, please first email a copy to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Andrew Morris for scanning and comment, before incurring the expense of postage and hard-copies.

Once cleared at initial review the manuscript is then sent for critical in-depth review by a ‘Champion AE’, an Editorial Advisory Board member and then for peer review by at least two, but generally three, recognised scientists. Any comments made are returned to the author(s) to revise and re-submit the manuscript. On publication no hard-copy reprints are provided to author(s) but they receive free access to the NISC website for three months to download pdf reprints themselves.

Any queries can be directed to the Editor-in-Chief SF-JFS: Dr Andrew Morris on E-mail or fax +27(0) 86 689 6430.

Instructions_to_Authors (Please read carefully before commencing with your draft paper)

RD SFAJFS MS383 R155 Paper 2 PK complete trial growth ver3
The sample manuscript has been selected to assist authors as it meets all the requirements for the final revised manuscript text as published by Editor. [All draft manuscripts must be double spaced single lined (not double columns), with Tables and Figures each on a separate page at end of text, after ‘Acknowledgements’]

List of Standard Symbols
These should be used in preparation of manuscripts.

Language editing service at NISC’
For editing service information kindly send an email to the NISC editing service

Andrew Morris